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Getting a Quick Start with RPM

Get Started
Preparing an RPM Project with the Enova DVX
PDF | 269KB
Instruction Manual - NSS-RPM Rapid Project Maker (RPM)
PDF | 1.60 KB
Getting Started with your AMX System
PDF | 631 KB
Quick Start Guide - MXT-1000 Modero X Series Tabletop Touch Panel
PDF | 156 KB
Quick Start Guide - DVX-3150HD/3155HD All-In-One Presentation Switcher
PDF | 99 KB

AMX Room Configuration Guide - Conference Rooms
PDF | 732 KB

The RPM Video Series - Video Playlist

Launch RPM

RPM is designed so that you can jump right in and be productive in three easy steps. The resources on this page will show you the process from start to finish.

Login / Start Configure Load

Log into RPM and select a starting point. You can start your project from scratch or select an existing project or an AMX Configuration Template as your starting point.

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Step 1
Login & Start
an RPM Project

Follow the on-screen directions to select, configure and connect your devices such as switchers, touch panels, displays, video players, conferencing equipment and lighting controls. Then generate your project code.
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Step 2
your System

Use the RPM Loader desktop software application to download your RPM project code to your AMX controller.

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Step 3
your Code